K-12 Accident & Health Plans for:

  • Private/Parochial Schools
  • Public Schools
  • School Time Coverage – Mandatory/Voluntary
  • 24 Hour Coverage
  • Athletics – Mandatory/Voluntary
  • Catastrophic Coverage for Sports & School Activities
  • Coverage for International Students attending K-12 Schools in the United States and for US citizens involved in study abroad programs

Insurance For Students offers customized K-12 insurance products for individual students as well as for schools, school districts, athletic departments, preschools and licensed daycare centers. Our K-12 insurance products provide school officials with the assurance that students have the protection they need and that the school has liability protection from potentially damaging law suits. Parents benefit from coverage that protects children during the school day or throughout the entire day — including during school-sponsored and supervised events such as field trips, team sports and other extracurricular activities.

Coverage offered by Insurance For Students includes K-12 Basic Accident Medical Expense Insurance, for medical expenses resulting from a covered accident involving students or student athletes; K-12 Voluntary Insurance, providing parents the opportunity to compliment school-sponsored plan coverage by purchasing additional coverage for accidental injuries; and K-12 Catastrophic Accident Insurance.

If you're interested in exploring our wide array of K-12 insurance products, please contact our office to discuss available options.