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About IFS

Providing Innovative Insurance Solutions

For more than four decades, Insurance for Students (IFS) has been dedicated to the creation and promotion of student insurance offerings across the United States. In January 2021, IFS and FutureHealth joined forces, integrating their operations to pioneer the next era of student health insurance products, with an emphasis on the holistic health and well-being of students.

IFS, with students at the heart of its mission, remains steadfast in its commitment to conceiving groundbreaking solutions aimed at enabling students to prioritize both their health and academic pursuits, while also providing innovative tools to assist college administrators.

IFS is Trusted By Students Across The World

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Our Advisors

Meet the team

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Kevin Saremi

Chairman of the Board

Pat White


Frances Buit

Chief Operating Officer

Robert Aquadro


James Zarvis

Development Manager

Gina Warga

Marketing Manager

Tyler Saremi

Vice President of Sales

Craig Bode

Vice President of Insurance for Students

Michael Hmurcik

Vice President of Sales

Deborah Saremi


Upcoming Events

Join us for our mental health and wellness events

Mindfulness Meditation (Body/Breath/Sound) (30 min)

Mindfulness Meditation (Body/Breath/Sound) (30 min)

This guided meditation supports the cultivation of present moment awareness. It encourages...

Chair Yoga

Chair Yoga

Ready to give your neck and shoulders some care and...


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We proudly share 40 years of providing students with the utmost care and coverage.

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