About the Program

What is FutureHealth?

FutureHealth‘s online health & wellness education program brings important information straight to its members. This self-guided program starts each module with a pre-test to gauge the member’s knowledge of the topic. Once the pre-test is finished, the member can start the topic module and watch the corresponding documentary, read related blogs, take self-risk assessments, and eventually finish the module by taking the post-test.

African american guy helps caucasian girl students working on project in college university.

What it includes

The FutureHealth Program was built with student wellness in mind. By enrolling in this program, students receive exclusive access to the following resources:


Created in collaboration with medical experts, college administrators, and students who share their stories.

Assessments & Goals

Gain insight into your strengths and weaknesses on various topics. Set and track goals for yourself to improve your health.

Effects on the Body

Use this interactive tool to understand and identify the effects of certain substances on your body.


Meet and chat with classmates. Cultivate a healthy, safe community by sharing stories and asking your peers questions.

Get Your Body Moving

Get up and get active – hiking is great exercise. Use this tool to find hiking trails near you.


Become a Champion in your school and among your peers. Lead the way forward on a path to a brighter future.


Need additional Resources? No problem. We have compiled a list of helpful and reliable resources.

Locate a Treatment Facility

Use this tool to help find a treatment facility near you.

Blogs & Events

View our weekly blogs and an array of lifestyle tips as well as news and events to help you stay connected.


Health is fun! Engage and entertain yourself and your friends with healthy trivia.


We have gathered some recipes for you to stay healthy at home and while at school.

Earn Hearts

Engage in the FutureHealth program and earn hearts! The more hearts you earn, the better your chance at winning gift cards!

ASAP Program

A Student Assistance Program

ASAP assists the higher education market in dealing with the growing mental health concerns and general wellbeing of students today.

ASAP‘s comprehensive program combines 24/7 telephonic counseling with online health and wellness tools that address the growing concerns facing students today.

ASAP provides:

  • Additional counseling services that will maximize your ability to reach students in need
  • Health assessments and placement assistance with their In-Network insurance provider
  • Up to three (3) paid visits through the ASAP counseling helpline
  • Assistance with non-mental health issues such as financial and legal issues
  • Online health & wellness tools that increase understanding of topics such as anxiety, alcohol, sexual misconduct, personal safety and more
  • Self-directed online resources including webinars, documentaries, courses, wellness tools and more
Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know

Securing the right student health coverage is an important part of ensuring a successful education. Here are some helpful answers to questions you may encounter along the way. If you need additional information, please feel free to contact us toll free at 1-800-356-1235 anytime from 8:00 am - 5:00 pm EST.

You can call for mental health issues, student life issues, substance use concerns, relationships, Adjustment in living away from home, LGBTQ support, legal assistance, financial counseling, and more!

No, there is no cost to you.

ASAP is in addition to your school’s counseling center. We encourage students to use on-campus resources when available. However, we know that counseling services are not always 24/7 but the hotline is. This service is 24/7 for your convenience.

You can use the hotline and FutureHealth as many times as you’d like!

The ASAP hotline maintains strict adherence to State and Federal laws, including HIPAA, governing the confidentiality of medical records and communication of personal health information. All records are kept in locked files and cannot be accessed by your school. Your school will not be notified when you use our services.

Yes! We have interpreters in over 200 languages. Just ask for one when you’re connected to a counselor.

Your call will be answered immediately.

No. We do not sell or provide access to your information to any third-parties.

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