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Humana One Dental

Insurance For Students' Dental Insurance plans provide comprehensive, high quality and affordable dental care options for students who may need routine and preventive dental care. Our plans offer some of the best options for general and specialized student dental treatment, including comprehensive care that ranges from cleanings and fillings to braces and implants.

In addition to assisting you in getting the fundamental care you need to stay healthy, student dental insurance coverage also protects you financially from unexpected problems that are often costly. Between routine dental cleanings and exams, root canals and crowns, costs can quickly add up. Insurance For Students' dental coverage plans provide relief by reducing your out-of-pocket costs.

Depending on which of the available student dental plans you choose, either all or a percentage of your dental care expenses are covered. Your premium entitles you to certain dental benefits, which generally include such things as x-rays, cleanings, regular checkups, and various services necessary to maintain overall dental health. Different plans provide different levels of coverage, and each comes with a different degree of financial obligation on your part when services are rendered.

To enroll in one of the dental insurance plans offered by Insurance For Students, please visit our page on Humana's website. To discuss your student dental insurance options, please don't hesitate to contact our office.