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International College Student (F1/J1) Plan for Hillsborough Community College

Plans & Terms

New Hillsborough Community College International Student Health Plan for 2020-2021

School Year

International Student

  • $500,000 Maximum Benefit per covered sickness/injury
  • $150 deductible per policy year for Preferred Providers
  • 80% Coverage for Preferred Providers
  • $200 Emergency Room Copay
  • $20, $40, $60 Copayments for Prescriptions
  • UnitedHealthcare PPO Network
  • Unlimited Evacuation & Repatriation
  • Dependent coverage available
International Student  Rates
All Ages
All Ages
Each Child
All Ages

Dependent Coverage

Dependent coverage is available only for students/scholars insured under this plan. Coverage must be purchased at the time of the primary insureds initial policy year enrollment or within 30 days of birth/marriage or arrival in country by completing a dependent enrollment form and submitting to Insurance for Students. DEPENDENT POLICY BENEFITS ARE DIFFERENT FROM THE HILLSBOROUGH COMMUNITY COLLEGE STUDENT HEALTH PLAN FOR ENROLLED STUDENTS AND MUST BE REVIEWED PRIOR TO ENROLLMENT.