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NURSELINE from Wellfleet Student Health

24/7 Access

Nurseline from Wellfleet Student Health connects student members to a registered nurse within seconds — helping them manage their health on their terms through ease of access.

Wellfleet Student Nurseline was designed to fit the needs and schedules of the college student population. If students require assistance, we’re here to answer questions about their care. Students in need of assistance, simply call the toll-free number any time.

With more than 25 years of experience in Student Health, we take your students’ well-being seriously. That’s why we go beyond the preventative care mandates of the Affordable Care Act.

How it Works

Engaging with Nurseline from Wellfleet Student is simple. Student members simply call 1-800-634-7629 and receive immediate assistance from a registered nurse.

When to Call

Students should call when seeking professional medical assistance; for example, when they’re not sure if they should go to the doctor or Emergency Room or are seeking answers to personal medical questions like:

  • “I think I just sprained my wrist. Should I have an X-ray?”
  • “I’ve heard about a new drug for weight loss. Could it help me?”
  • “My doctor said I need to have surgery. What are my alternatives?”