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Enroll - Care Plus Plan
  • $1,250,000 maximum benefit per policy year
  • Includes Evacuation & Repatriation
  • Dependent coverage available
  • Meets the requirements for Florida State Universities
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Student AgeAnnual *Monthly **
24 & under$1,116.00$93.00
25 to 30$1,488.00$124.00
31 to 40$2,424.00$202.00
41 & over$4,980.00$415.00


Enroll - ICS Discount Plan
Student AgeAnnual *Monthly **
24 & under$744.00$62.00
25 to 30$876.00$73.00
31 to 40$1,536.00$128.00
41 to 50$2,076.00$173.00
51 & over$4,044.00$337.00
* Can't be purchased after 10/31/2012
** 3 Month minimum enrollment

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Temporary ID Card — ICS Discount Plan
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