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Insurance For Students | Policy Details

Stetson University College of Law
All Students

Online enrollment for Stetson University College of Law is not available at this time.

Download the health insurance brochure to view or print it

Student Insurance Opt-Out Waiver Form
Online completion of Insurance Opt-Out Form

Instruction to Student: If you are covered by other medical insurance and wish to waive the coverage offered by Stetson University College of Law, your insurance coverage should meet the criteria listed or have a comparable or greater overall benefit. If you are uncertain about your insurance benefit plan, contact the company to confirm the coverage limits.

Enrollment form for Dependents of Insured Students
Download the Dependents enrollment form and mail or fax it to us

Benefits Summary
Highlights of the Coverage and Services offered by UnitedHealthcare StudentResources

Temporary ID Card
Open a printable ID card

Search for Providers
Visit United Healthcare to find a provider in your area

How to File a Claim
View instructions on filing a claim

Check Claim Status
Visit UnitedHealthCare to check on the status of your claim

Travel Assistance
For assistance with Medical Evacuation or Repatriation benefits

Collegiate Assistance Program
24 hour Nurse Assistance Program

My Student Health Zone
My Student Health Zone provides a wealth of information on a variety of relevant health topics

Health Allies
Download the Health Allies brochure

Supplemental Dental and Vision Insurance
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