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Florida International University - English Language Institute
Alternate International Student Insurance Plan

Online enrollment for Florida International University - English Language Institute is not available at this time.

Insurance for Students provides comprehensive & affordable insurance coverage to all international students, scholars and visiting professors under the age of 65 with a student visa or current passport and temporarily residing outside their Home Country while actively engaged in educational or research-related activities.

IFS Prime Plan

  • $500,000 maximum benefit per sickness/injury - No Lifetime Limits
  • 80% Coverage to $50,000, 100% thereafter  •  $250 deductible per policy year
  • $200 Emergency Room Copay  •  70% Coverage for Prescriptions
  • Unlimited Evacuation & Repatriation  •  Dependent coverage available
  • Meets the requirements for Florida State Universities
  • Underwritten by Student Resources (SPC), a United Healthcare Group Company
Student Age Spring Semester Full
4/10/17 - 7/9/17
Spring Semester 1st Half
4/10/17 - 5/19/17
Spring Semester 2nd Half
5/20/17 - 7/9/17
24 & under $177.00 $78.00 $99.00
25 to 30 $276.00 $122.00 $155.00
31 to 40 $833.00 $367.00 $467.00
41 to 64 $1,334.00 $587.00 $748.00

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Frequently Asked Questions for Fall 2016

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